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Ajuntament de Tornabous

Pl. de la Vila, 1, Tornabous - 25331
Phone: 973 570 233 Fax: 973 570 630


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Associació de Dones l’Esperança del municipi de Tornabous.

Address: C/ Espígol, 29, 25331 Tornabous

Phone: Presidenta associació, Anna Gabernet Grove: 676 122 265

Fax: ***

E-mail: dones.tornabous@gmail.com / anna-gabernet@hotmail.com

Web: http://donestornabous.blogspot.com


Address: Plaça de la Vila, 1, 25331 Tornabous

Phone: President AMPA, Judit Escolà Rodríguez

Fax: ***

E-mail: ampaespigol@hotmail.com

Associació Casal de la Gent Gran de Tornabous

Address: Plaça de la Vila, 1, 25331 Tornabous

Phone: Presidenta associació, Enriqueta Farré (666 191 340)

Fax: ***

E-mail: casal.tornabous@hotmail.com

Ass. Education in leisure time - Esplai Tornabous


The Tornabous Esplai is an association of free time education, a non-profit organization formed by children from the Tornabous Township, their parents and volunteer monitors.

Our organization is open to all children who want to participate, and are basically the people of La Guàrdia and Tornabous.

Participating children enroll during the month of October with permission from their parents or guardians and do a single initial financial contribution for the entire course, used to purchase materials and activities.

Throughout the course there are different activities in which a close relationship with the community is tried to be fostered, such as the sale of roasted chestnuts, the Christmas nativity scene, tree planting ...

Our association is self-financed by the contributions of homecoming and donations received during the year by the people of the town, selling chestnuts and shirt sales.

The City works in turn with the transfer of the Esplai room, where they keep all the material, which hosts meetings with monitors and conducts activities with boys and girls. It also provides us with another much larger room located in the Town Hall which is shared with different associations of the town.

Address: C/ Major, 39, 25331 Tornabous

Phone: Directora d'activitats, Núria Crespo Casany

Fax: ***

E-mail: esplaitornabous@hotmail.com

Web: http://www.esplaidetornabous.tk

School Sports School Ass. Zer Riu Ondara

Address: Plaça de la Vila, 1, 25331 Tornabous

Phone: President associació, Josep Vilaró (608 694 758)

Fax: ***

E-mail: ***

Cine Ass.

Address: C/ Major, 40, 25331 Tornabous

Phone: President associació, Ramon Rius Alzamora ( 973 570 415)

Fax: ***

E-mail: ***

Ass. Billiard and Retired La Guàrdia d'Urgell

Associació de jubilats que fomenta l'esport entre els pensionistes i jubilats de la població de la Guàrdia.

Address: Avinguda d'Urgell, 15, 25331 - La Guàrdia d'Urgell

Phone: President associació, Josep Cornellana Pont (618 855 810)

Associació Kafarna

Address: Avinguda de Lluís Companys, 16, 25331 Tornabous

Phone: President associació, Manel Visa ( 669 430 134)

Fax: ***

E-mail: manuvisa2@hotmail.com

Associació Colla Gegantera del Municipi de Tornabous

Address: C/ Catalunya, 2, 25331

Phone: President associació, Rafael Casanovas (617 439 699)

Fax: ***

E-mail: gegantstornabous@gmail.com

Societat de Caçadors Espígol

Address: C/Santa Cecília, 4, 25331

Phone: President societat, Àngel Alcaraz (649 842 025)

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